Web Technology

The Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and went public in 1991.

It has been re-inventing itself ever since.

The Web is now a ubiquitous multi-channel kaleidoscope of technology. For those not already "on the Web" it can seem that they have only two choices: outsource or build their own Web team. Which to choose? Are these really the only choices? If embracing the Web is a commercial inevitability, the next step can make or break the business.

How Rotan can help

Rotan spent a decade working with the W3C — led by Tim Berners-Lee — and is steeped in Web technology. Before you make your move to the Web drop a line to consultation@rotan.ie to arrange a consultation, evaluation or brainstorming session to help steer you in the right direction.

If you are planning to expand your technical team, consider adding Rotan to your interview panel as an unbiased external expert.

Background information

In 1993 Rotan was using an early Web browser called NCSA Mosaic as a means of sharing research documents and other learning material. As a senior lecturer in networking and distributed systems, the Web was the most exciting development to share with his students, as both a tool and a technology. That excitement was soon to be shared by the entire world.

Rotan was prototyping Internet-based digital services for a Norwegian telco, combining several networking technologies (inc. Web), in the late '90s shortly before the first Web-enabled mobile phones appeared on the market.

In his leadership role in a start-up during the early 2000s Rotan was involved in global standards work, initially with the WAP Forum and subsequently with the W3C, the body responsible for the development of the Web. There he was immersed in every manner of Web technology and took on several official roles within the organisation. He also contributed to major open source projects involving both server- and client-side technologies.

Rotan has been developing Web solutions and pushing the boundaries of the Web itself since it made its public debut.