Social Media

The notion of "social media" has been with us since the early 2000s and acceptable definitions are challenging to construct. A reasonable definition would be:
   digital communications within communities using mediation tools/services to share information and collaborate.

There are many reasons why a business should be interested in social media. It could be to establish or expand a presence; or to get valuable feedback; or meet the customer base in real-time; or to offer services through a new medium.

Whatever the motivation, there are practical technical challenges to consider before engaging with social media.

How Rotan can help

Rotan's experience with systems integration can help you:

While many advisors in the use of social media will focus on important matters such as brand awareness, customer engagement, market insights and perception management, Rotan's social media focus is on the equally important and practical matters of service interfacing, traffic management, security, continuous monitoring etc.

Background information

As a technology specialist since the dawn of Web and digital mobility, Rotan has been directly involved in many projects that integrated with social media. This includes several of the major players such as social networks Facebook and Twitter, collaboration services Google Apps, Soho and Slack, CMS solutions like WordPress and WikiMedia, and many other services now occupying the growing cloud.