Rotan Consulting Ltd provides specialist technical guidance and services to innovative SMEs, Research Organisations and Business Incubators who are planning to offer their services online, expanding their services into multiple delivery channels or growing their technical abilities.


The company founder, Dr Rotan Hanrahan, has several decades of immersion in advanced technology, including academic and commercial contexts, working with large and small companies, local and international, including private, multi-national and government agencies.

Through this experience, Rotan has built up a deep understanding of the application of information technology in business, and has established a wealth of relationships in the technology sphere.

Throughout his career he has been sought for advice and assistance, especially in the areas of mobile and online services. Rotan Consulting Ltd was established in 2016 as a vehicle for Dr Hanrahan to offer his experience as a formal consulting service. The company's activities are primarily based in Ireland, one of the world's global tech hubs. A typical consult takes 5-15 days, on-site and off, rates negotiable and the days may be spread over a longer period. Every case has its own unique needs and a tailored consultation is assumed.


If you believe your project could benefit from a fresh independent perspective, start a dialogue via consultation@rotan.ie to give a quick outline of your need. If you are being referred by an agency or past client, please mention. A general overview of your need will be appreciated, but please do not send confidential material in your first contact.