Cloud Services

The Cloud of Internet services has evolved since the turn of the century and in today's connected society a solutio based on a combination of Cloud services is not only viable but often preferred.

Moving from a centrally hosted or completely client-side solution to one that embraces the Cloud is a daunting task that has many benefits and some weaknesses. Being able to technically assess Cloud options is a critical success factor in any venture.

How Rotan can help

Should you go the Azure route? Perhaps AWS? Should you deploy your own DB to the Cloud, or use a Cloud DB service? How do I connect my business logic to other Cloud services? Which ones are best suited to my needs? Which ones can I trust? These and many, many more are just the tip of the iceberg of questions that you may contemplate. You could approach one of the major Cloud vendors to start the ball rolling, but are you being premature in tying yourself to a provider?

By being independent of any specific cloud solution vendor, Rotan can provide unbiased advice and practical guidance for the initial phase of a Cloud project. This can entail researching the growing set of Cloud-based services that may contribute to your final solution, with clear pro/con summaries. As most solutions that use Cloud services are themselves hosted in the Cloud, your choice of hosting provider is another important decision for which Rotan can provide assistance. He can help you identify and collect the information needed (e.g. gap analysis) to help you match your requirements to the Cloud, and he can also lead or conduct PoC activities to provide compelling input to your Cloud decision-making.

Properly prepared, you can then direct an in-house Cloud initiative or confidently engage an external team to realize your vision.

Background information

Rotan led a team to venture into offering and managing Cloud services in 2007, first with dedicated hardware and eventually using virtual distributed services. He has been directly involved in the design, implementation, deployment and management of solutions integrated with services from AWS, Azure, Rackspace and others, with a combination of Unix and Microsoft technologies, and has personally developed integrations with messaging/notification services, card payment gateways, distributed authentication and numerous real-time business systems.

Most of Rotan's Cloud-related projects have been green field situations requiring ab inito design and implementation of bespoke solutions. These have gone on to successfully support millions of online/mobile customers in Europe and the Americas, for whom efficiency and reliability is paramount.