About Rotan Consulting Ltd

Rotan Consulting Ltd is the independent consultancy service of Dr Rotan Hanrahan.

The consultancy offers practical advice, technical input and oversight on a variety of topics, including:

Cases considered include: launch of new online presence customer information entry/collection and administration; account access and navigation; real-time and periodic reporting; and similar cases involving the interaction between user and system. Online multi-channel self-care is a speciality.


A consultation starts by making contact via consultation@rotan.ie to outline the technical challenges you face. Your communication will normally be forwarded to Dr Hanrahan for review and response. You may be asked to supply additional details before a full response can be given. For commercially sensitive communication, Rotan Consulting Ltd will enter into an NDA when requested. If you are being referred by an agency or past client, please mention.

Following the preliminary review, an in-person scoping meeting may be arranged. This meeting defines the activity and terms from which a contract is agreed.

Terms are competitive and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Daily rates on request.

Work is conducted remotely, online and generally within normal working hours. On-site face-to-face meetings can be accommodated, particularly in the early phases of a project. All work must take place in Ireland and be billable to an Irish business entity.

Note: if you are looking to hire a lead programmer, architect, CTO or other senior technical person, Dr Hanrahan can participate as an impartial objective member of your interview panel, bringing to the table many years of experience from similar roles.

About Dr Rotan Hanrahan


Dr Rotan Hanrahan is an eclectic computer scientist who, in over three decades, has worked with every kind of computer from supercomputers to mobile devices, has worked with or for major companies on five continents, has been a significant force in global technical standards bodies, has educated thousands during a successful academic career, has been part of all phases of a tech startup through to maturity, has developed services enjoyed by millions of users, has worked tirelessly to help move mobile Web from concept to market dominance, is responsible for Ireland's largest government-approved animal microchip repository and is an active advisor/mentor in the Irish tech scene.

Rotan brings a wealth of experience to bear on a variety of technology challenges faced by Irish SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs and R&D teams.

Full bio can be viewed on LinkedIn.